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52 Week Challenge

It is hard to know if you are really improving sometimes, especially when you start to fall behind or miss weeks, it suddenly feels like you are failing and the opportunity to give in just keeps nagging at you. Nonetheless, I have come too far to quit now. As for improving, I hope to be able to look back at the end, and say - yes, I did!

WEEKS 45 - 48

Week 45 - Composite

I call this shot 'engrossed'.
Imagine for a minute, you are traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land of imagination. Next stop, the.... SHIT, I LEFT THE BATH RUNNING!

The idea behind this image was that I am SO engrossed in my editing that I don't realise I left the bath running and it is flooding the living room. Another idea that was shared, is that I am drowning in editing work. Which was apt too.


Week 46 - Noir

For this shot I wanted to create something that harked back to the old classic film noir movies, but having a modern feel to it. Initially I created this in colour, but I felt it needed to be subdued colour or B&W to work best. I originally also planned to wear a hat, but I preferred the shots without it, and the images with the gun were not used, mainly due to the recent Paris attacks, it just felt wrong. Looking at the final image, I am pleased with my choices. 


Week 47 - Light Painting 

Light painting is challenging, and I wanted to try out a few different techniques. So after a few hours of playing around, and trying different effects, which proved tougher than I hoped. I decided in the end to simplify things, and create this image of my Fuji X-T1 as the main subject lit only but a torch. The background was made during the exposure by using an iPad with the app - MyLightPaint. 

Lightpainting X-T1

This might be my updated shot for light painting. This was created with two people, one exposure, a two minute timer, triggertrap device, Fuji XT1, LEDs, lightpainting tools and a torch. I like both of these images just not sure which one more... perhaps you can help? Answers in the comments section. Shout out to Martin Johnson on this one.


Week 48 - Double Exposure

This shot took much longer than it needed to, I deliberated for a couple of weeks about what I would do. In the end I used the Fuji X-T1's double exposure option, to create this image in camera. It was taken by Tereza after a little instruction as to how I wanted the image to look. By taking a little creative license  she made this shot. 

Dade Freeman is a Brighton photographer creating portraits and fine art images for commercial and personal use.