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52 Week Challenge

Finally, it's here! The end of this year's challenge. And thank goodness too!

Before I take you through my shots of the final few weeks, I wanted to put a shout out to all those who managed to stick with the challenge throughout the year. The group started with 50 members, which was dropped to 34 about 3 months in, as they weren't producing any images. As predicted only a few managed to complete the challenge on time. There are a few participants just lagging behind, but determined to finish, which is great!

Mentions MUST go to the following - Margot / Jordi / Nathalie / Ben / Martin / Lina / Jackie / Sarah / Glynn / Andie - you all hung in and tried your best week upon week. Watching your images improve and you stretch yourself has been great to witness and be a part of.

WEEKS 49 - 52

Week 49 - Bokeh

A simple shot, even if I do say so myself. A statue of Buddha and behind in the distance was a blanket of Xmas lights, which, when out of focus, produce the Bokeh effect. The concept was of enlightenment washing over the Buddha.


Week 50 - Surrealism

After thinking long and hard about this one and considering creating something in a Dali-style, I was playing with a lightbulb, which in-turn sparked another lightbulb in me. After photographing the lightbulb I replaced the funky filament with a lit match, which worked out really well, and therein I created this weeks image :)   


Week 51 - Fashion

I'm going to play a wildcard for this shot. I did hope to have something setup and amazing for this week, but I just don't! Anyway, this shot was taken earlier in the year. As with all fashion, it is not what you wear but how you wear it ;)
Bit of trivia - the headgear was made for Toyah Wilcox to wear on her recent tour.


Week 52 - Creative Portrait

And now, for my final image - I wanted to create something different, interesting and would push me a little. I considered a couple of options, but after some playing around in Photoshop I opted for this creative self portrait. I call it an a-peeling portrait.

Well it has certain been fun, frustrating and a challenge, which is what it was set out to be. I hope you enjoy looking through the images I have created over the past year. I hope it inspires and encourage you to create your own 52 week challenge.

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