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52 week photography project

52 Week Photography Challenge

Would you like to make a resolution you can keep without having to give anything up? Would you relish a challenge that keeps pushing you throughout the year? Would you like to enhance your skill-set and improve your photography? Then a 52-week project could be just what you are looking for. Each year, lots of people make New Year resolutions and blow them after a month, but this challenge should help keep you on track and inspire your creativity.

Back in 2010, I did my first 52-week project, which I found tough yet rewarding. That's right, tough! A 52-week project is not an easy thing to do (in fact on one of my attempts, I only made it to 26 weeks) - it requires a certain amount of dedication and time but at the end you can look back and be happy with your body of work and your progress. I was so happy with my first completed 52-weeker that I decided it turn it into a book through Blurb. You can see the finished article here - My 52 Week Blurb book 

A handy technique you can use if going out and photographing random things is too tough, try integrating a single subject in each photo. For example, I did a smaller themed shoot using a Lego figure. In another 52, I incorporated food, throughout the project. This helps add an extra dimension to what might otherwise be a simple photograph.

Lego Portrait
Lego flower
Dexter's Dinner
Play With Food

To help you and to give you a project for the new year, I have designed a 52-week challenge for you to complete. Weeks 1-26 are general themes that almost everyone can (and usually does) take. However, weeks 27-52 are more complex and will require a bit more time, learning and knowledge - but they will push your skills. I have also added in 3 wildcards because sometimes you just don't have the time, shot or equipment to create the suggested image, so if you use one of your 'wildcards' you can produce an image on a theme of your choice for that week. 

If you know a photographer, or someone who has received a camera for Christmas then please share this post with them. I am sure they will thank and curse you in equal measure ;)

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