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52 weeks project

Back in the beginning of 2010 I undertaken a 52 week challenge. I chose to do this to develop my photography and push my creativity further. The challenge was to shoot a variety of images in various ways. Each week a theme would be chosen and I would search out and photograph what I thought matched the theme, some images were abstract whilst others were more straightforward, as were the themes. This was a bigger challenge than I originally anticipated and on occasion I found myself lacking motivation, inspiration and playing catch up - sometimes having to photograph 2 weeks in one. The project was great to keep me focussed and alert to my surroundings, as we sometimes forget to stop and look around. Looking back I can certainly see an improvement in my photography and learnt a lot along the way. I would happily encourage anyone to give it a go, but dont expect it to be easy!

I wont be doing another this year as I have plenty to occupy me, but I might the following year, just to gauge my progress. You can enjoy the fruits of my labour by watching the video below.

Here is a preview of my newly published book too.