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52 Weeks Challenge

Weeks 1 - 4

As you may recall, I recently created a 52-week photography project for everyone to get involved with. Well, I am pleased to announce that the take-up for this challenge has been great and images are coming in thick and fast.

The take on the themes has been interesting - some people took the theme literally while others got more creative, and that's what is so great about these projects - the people involved take them wherever they want to. They push themselves, try new techniques and experiment, all of which inspire me and other participants - win/win.

Week 1 - Self-Portrait

A self-portrait can be one of the hardest shots for a photographer to take. We tend to prefer being behind the camera. However, as I needed to create a portrait, I was inspired to produce this one, based on the TV series Peaky Blinders (I am a huge fan). The obscured eyes add mystery, and the dark moody feel and styling help to create this shot.

Week 1 - Self Portrait

Week 2 - Leading Lines

A simple enough topic so finding an interesting take proved the challenge. This shot was taken looking up at a block of flats which, due to the angle, is not immediately obvious - I like that! It is also part of my learning curve for my fine art project.

Week 2 - Leading Lines

Week 3 - Texture

It's not perfect but that's kind of what drew me to it. Simple subjects can work well, as you can see from this lonely bench on Brighton's seafront. Using a long exposure I captured the movement in the sky, and the B&W processing adds to the drama of this shot.

Week 3 - Texture

Week 4 - Reflections

I chose this image to balance out the darker B&W shots, although looking at them now as a collection, I'm not so sure it fits. I may switch this out for another image. This shot is of Brighton's Palace Pier at 7am, at low tide and sunrise. Through the struts you can just see the remains of the West Pier in the background.

Week 4 - Reflections

Dade Freeman is a Brighton photographer producing portraits and headshots for actors, musicians, corporate business and other professional industries.