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52 Weeks Challenge

The weeks feel like they are racing by at the moment and I have no sooner finished one challenge and the next has begun. Although I am not blown away by the quality of my work, I am at least keeping up to date and producing work for it.

WEEKS 37 - 40

Week 37 - Long Exposure

There is something about long exposure shots, that make them Marmite for some people. Me, I love them. This crop of metal remnants become visible at low tide, and is a subject matter I think is perfect for slower / longer exposures.


Week 38 - Diptych

I thought a great way to show of a Diptych shot was to use it to show a before and after. This stormtrooper proved the perfect subject matter as you can see the plain shot verses the enhancements made in Photoshop.


Week 39 - Album Cover

I had a few contenders for this theme, but I wanted to photograph a typical scene in a slightly different way. The stormy sea and cloud cover provided me with a great shot to play with.


Week 40 - Abstract

My first few attempts at photographing abstract images seemed to revolve around photographing average things using a macro lens up very close. Then I started photographing scenes out of focus, which was a potential concept - but after a day of working through my shots, I liked this. I think the triangles and light and shadow make this quite interesting.

Dade Freeman is a Brighton photographer creating portraits and fine art images for commercial and personal use.