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52 Weeks Challenge

Tick tock, tick tock - the time is rapidly running out for this 52 week project, and I can't pretend I won't be happy when it's over. These projects are time consuming and unless you are 100% committed few people actually complete them. This has become apparent in my group, as suddenly lots of themes are not being finished. Although I am finding it tough, I am determined to see it through.

WEEKS 41 - 44

Week 41 - Star Trails

This was a close one, the weather was not playing ball so I very nearly played a wildcard. Luckily we had a break in the clouds and Ben and I set off out to see what we could capture. We headed for Herstmonceux Castle as we haven't photographed there before. As it turned out photographing the castle wasn't possible for a couple of reasons. However, next to the castle is the observatory, and that worked just fine.

This was 32 stacked shots of 30 second exposures. There would have been an additional 80 shots, but my lens had misted up and I didn't realise :/


Week 42 - Triptych

I was torn between two very different shots for this theme. One option was a complete scene broken in to three and quite light, or this series of shots which is dark and action packed. This one won the vote. I like the action, the moody sky and the fact that the free runner had no issue with me taking the shots.


Week 43 - Off-Camera Flash

This was part of a commercial shoot for Black Eye Hair Salon. Raf creates some amazing looks which work so well for my style of photography, so it would be a crime to not grab a shot for my portfolio. The model had such great features and Sean Chapman's make up wonderfully highlighted the beauty within.


Week 44 - Minimalism

An extreme low tide on Brighton beach revealed some hidden treasures. This is one of the few remaining 5ft x 3ft concrete support blocks from the Volk's Electric Railway which used to run along the Brighton seashore. In 1896 The 'daddy long legs' tram car would ride atop the water carrying 160 passengers. But that all came to an end in 1900.

Dade Freeman is a Brighton photographer creating portraits and fine art images for commercial and personal use.