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52 Weeks Challenge

Weeks 9 - 12

Should you be interested in the challenge I created, click the link - 52-week photography project.

Week 9 - Above 

While on a break in Devon, I spotted this possible shot at Dartmouth Harbour. I pressed the shutter and thought no more of it - until I uploaded it. Once it was on my computer, I could see the potential so I pushed the saturation to really boost this shot. 


Week 10 - Shadow 

Picture the scene - a dark, quiet, car park in the middle of Brighton, a parking space and a man on a mission. When I arrived, the car park was packed but there were two spaces next to each other which was ideal for what I needed. I had just finished setting up the lights and camera when a car arrived and took one of the spaces. It was time to move into super speed before I lost that last space. Reframing my shot, I dashed into place and snapped the first pose. Then, wrapping a sheet around my neck, I flapped it about to create shadows on the wall. Of course, at this point three cars pulled in and watched as I made a fool of myself. Well, who's laughing now?! OK, they probably still are if I'm honest.


Week 11 - Colour

For this week's theme, I teamed up with Ben Harvey to produce something I had never done before - paint dancing on a sub-woofer. This is more challenging an idea than you may think - the viscosity of the paint, the tempo of the music, the volume and the timing all had to be in sync for this to work. You may think you simply pour a little paint on a speaker and shoot but if you try that, you will be sadly disappointed.

To take this technique to another level, I added in some dancing figures from

Paint Splash Dancers

Week 12 - Symmetry

This shot was taken in Shoreham while I was out with Andie Melvin Harris. I pushed the long exposure until the 'blinkies' started showing on my camera. This told me there was no detail in the sky, which was exactly what I wanted. This was a two-minute exposure using a Lee 10-stop filter.

B&W Long Exposure

Dade Freeman is a Brighton photographer producing portraits and headshots for actors, musicians, corporate business and other professional industries.