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52 Weeks Challenge

WEEKS 13 - 16

These challenges are starting to get tougher and the numbers of the group participating is starting to drop off, as predicted. For those who have the aptitude and vision to continue. their work is getting stronger and better with each image, which is a great thing to witness.

Week 13 - SMOKE

I couldn't decide on this weeks final image, I like each one for different reasons. I have therefore uploaded them both, maybe you can help me decide by leaving a comment below. These images were created by using a stick of incense, off camera flash and a little Photoshop work.

Smoking Skull
Smoking Ballerina



Rather than heading to my neck of the woods, I visited Tereza's old stomping ground. She shown me where she grew up and what she did when she was a child. Coincidently it fitted perfectly for this challenge. A quick visit to the Beaconsfield, and the Bekonscot model village & railway. I found this little scene just waiting for the train to fly in, and almost on cue, it did.

Steam Locomotive



I walked Brighton's vibrant streets looking for something interesting for my street photo. Typically, for my street work, I like things that 'pop' or have a humorous edge. As I was not seeing those kind of images, I left the busy seafront and headed down the quieter streets. As I turned a corner I spied this gent, decked out in a Union Jack suit, going in to Beyond Retro. It was now a waiting game to catch him coming out so I could photograph him. I waited, and waited... and waited. Just as my brain was saying, go, just leave it, he emerged. I seized my chance to get the shot and I walked away. Job done!

Great Brighton

Week 16 - BODY PART

This week challenge posed quite a challenge for me as I couldn't think of anything interesting except an old ladies gnarled hands in prayer. I finally let go of that idea and did the following week, knowing I would have to come back to complete this challenge and that is what I did. Snooping around the internet looking for inspiration, I stumbled across a combined image which is what I decided I would create.

Face Off

Dade Freeman is a Brighton photographer producing portraits and headshots for actors, musicians, corporate business and other professional industries.