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52 Weeks Challenge

WEEKS 17 - 20

As we approach the half way point I can't help but breathe a sigh of relief. These challenges can quickly become time consuming as you chase better shots and new ideas or techniques to push yourself and your photography further. 


Week 17 - BLACK & WHITE

I am currently working on my fine art architecture portfolio. All of these images are edited in black and white, so it made the subject matter a very simple choice for me. The difficult part was deciding which building to photograph. Given the Shard is a nice strong iconic building I thought this would fit the bill perfectly.

The Shard


Week 18 - MACRO

I haven't used my macro much of late, so it was good to break it out again and re-train my eye to see the little things around us. While out on a walk I came across this half blown dandelion.

Dandelion Clock


Week 19 - MOTION

This week's theme presented several challenges for me, mainly capturing something interesting. TriggerTrap recently delivered a workshop to my group, and continuing in that vein, I thought I would try photographing water balloons bursting. With the help of Tereza, the bathroom became a micro studio for this shoot. This mid-air momentarily-frozen water bubble makes this a shot I am happy with, you can just see the red remnants of balloon.  

Capturing motion

My original idea for this week was to create a timelapse video, but the weather was not playing nice, so I shelved the idea. However, on Tuesday I saw it would be a nice, dry and clear night sky. Tereza kindly agreed to accompany me on this venture, and in the middle of the night, in the middle of a field we played eye spy to pass the time, I think I won. Below is the timelapse video I shot of the night sky over Balcombe Viaduct in Ouse Valley. To create this I used the TriggerTrap device attached to my Canon MKII and a 17mm lens. This 1 hour 20 minutes footage consists of 100 frames totalling a  4 second long video!!!  



This is Brighton's West pier and is slowly but surely falling apart and into the sea. As if that were not bad enough it is also being superseded by the new i360 which is currently being built directly opposite. For these reasons I do think its days are numbered. On this particular day, I thought the water looked very green and tropical, so using a Lee 10 stop filter I snapped this shot and added a touch more vibrancy :)

Brighton Pier

Dade Freeman is a Brighton photographer producing portraits and headshots for actors, musicians, corporate business and other professional industries.