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52 Weeks Challenge

WEEKS 21 - 24

WOW, these weeks seem to be flying by! So far, I am pretty much staying on course and haven't managed to bore myself with this challenge. Although, I am very aware the harder part is still to come. The number of shots coming through from the group on the whole are dropping as they start to lag behind.

Week 21 - Childhood

Playing with cars wasn't really my childhood memory, it was more something that said childhood to me. However, Herbie (the white Beetle) was something I recall from my childhood. This image has a tilt-shift effect applied to focus your attention.



Week 22 - Panning

OK, hands up! This turned out to be far harder than I imagined. I never do panning shots. Sure I know the concept and theory, but getting just one shot I was happy with nearly drove me insane. I spent about an hour photographing (unsuccessfully) cyclists, joggers, skaters then Tereza told me that Brighton Racecourse had a race meeting on and asked "If that would work better?" Indeed it would. We then headed up to the racecourse, found a position close enough, tracked the horses and shot away as they darted past.

Panning horse race


Week 23 - Food

I have photographed quite a lot of food, so this time I wanted to create something different and challenging. Why not, right! Sheesh!! Sometimes I wonder why I push myself. To create this image I put a large softbox behind the three spoons, to produce a silhouette, I then used chocolate sauce to ensure the liquid was dark enough to show up and to finish the image I converted the shot to black and white.

Food photography


Week 24 - Letters

The idea of this shot was better in my head than the final result. I wanted to photograph individual iconic elements of Brighton in the form of letters and put them together to create the final image spelling out BRIGHTON.
B = The Arches / R= The Bandstand / I = The Clocktower / G = A shell on the beach / H = Volks Railway / T = Street Lights / O = The Wheel / N = The Pavilion.

Brighton Abstract

Dade Freeman is a Brighton photographer creating portraits and fine art images for commercial and personal use.