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52 Weeks Challenge

WEEKS 25 - 28

We have reached that tipping point, so no turning back now, I guess. The group are finding the project tough, which is evident as few are able to keep up and the majority seem to have given up. However, those participants who are still posting each week, and making that extra effort, I can see their work going from strength to strength. Some of them are even re-visiting themes to make their images even better - very encouraging! 

It is also the start of another adventure for me, as I am now also shooting with a Fuji X-T1. At this point, I will add I am very much enjoying the experience too ;)

Week 25 - Repetition

This image was one of many I photographed while testing the Fuji X-T1 in Eastbourne. What drew me to it was the fact chimneys seem so old fashioned today.



Week 28 - Man Made

The windmill at Rottingdean takes pride of place as this weeks image. What I particularly like, is the scale the person adds to the shot and the foreboding clouds.

Man Made


Week 27 - Commercial

This week took a bit of thinking about. I was trying to go for a really slim line around the bottle and glass, but I was restricted by my softbox and space. Ideally this would have been done by using a strip light and more room. This shot was created using very little working space, in fact shot in the bathroom over the bathtub. It is the hint of red that makes this for me.



Week 28 - Pop Culture

My geisha portrait worked perfectly for this Andy Warhol style image to represent pop culture. The different colours give a change of feel to each image, which is interesting.

Pop Art Geisha

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