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52 Weeks Challenge

Maybe this challenge is starting to take its toll, or perhaps it is I am just in a funk right now, but I am not liking the images I am producing of late and my weeks are starting to come through a little later each week :/

WEEKS 29 - 32

Week 29 - Book Cover

This shot was taken at The Holocaust Memorial, Berlin. The memorial consists of a 4.7 acre site covered with 2,711 concrete slabs, arranged in a grid pattern on a sloping field. 

As I walked around and through the memorial, I happened upon this apple on the corner of one of the slabs, and I knew I just had to photograph it. The rich red fruit against the starkness of the cold grey concrete, the fact it was an apple which represented knowledge and good and evil, so many things could be read into this image, but I won't. 


Week 30 - Architecture

I am sure this is somewhat unexpected from me, considering my long exposure fine art architecture work. That is because I want to keep trying to produce something a little different, or in a different way. After all there is no challenge in constantly producing what I can already do. 


Week 31 - Movie Poster

I REALLY struggled with this one, and although I am pleased with how it came together, I am not blown away by the end result - I would prefer something more stylised like a classic movie poster, but for now it fulfills the brief, I may revisit this one.


Week 32 - High Key

Can you tell I am struggling? I know I can produce better, but my mojo has abandoned me. I tried to create something slightly abstract and interesting.

Dade Freeman is a Brighton photographer creating portraits and fine art images for commercial and personal use.