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A personal message

Hey Pitufina,

I might not be the best Dad in the world, I don't always make the time to call you and it's been ages I have seen you in person but, honestly, not a day goes by that I don't think about you. I know that your mommy is doing a good job, so I don't need to worry so much, but I still miss you.

It is nice when we Skype, and I can see you happy and full of energy, then you disappear just as quickly to go play. It would be nice to talk to you more in English, because when you talk to me in Spanish I get confused and frustrated, not with you but myself. I want to be better. I wish I was a better me! 

I want to explain to you what I do, but because you find it so hard to sit still, I thought maybe your mom could share these versions of me, showing you what I do instead. This will hopefully help you to understand what my job is, what my hobby is, and what takes up most of my life here in the UK. That is until I make it out there to see you again.

Sometimes, I take my camera out to local parks and capture the flowers and life that inhabits these colourful parks - it is fun to see how the parks change over the seasons.

I have spent MANY hours on Brighton's seafront, photographing the beach and pier - they are interesting, but can get boring. This means I often look for new angles or ways to photograph it. I think you would like it, the rides, the lights, the sea and the CANDYFLOSS!

Of course, Brighton has some very famous landmarks too, such as The Royal Pavilion, West Pier and The Brighton Wheel. Soon there will be another attraction here, the 360, which will add another landmark to my growing collection of images.

Brighton has some amazing graffiti, but there is much more besides that. I often find myself walking the streets looking for interesting shots, which is very enjoyable. The freaky UK weather has made some walks much more fun, dodging rain and lightning. 

And some days, I just capture randomness with my camera, things I encounter during my day or on my travels. I have spent quite some time working in London, which means lots of travelling on trains. I often see places from the train window and wish I could stop the train to photograph it, but I think they wouldn't be happy if I did. ;)

And after a long day of photography, I need time to relax, and what better way than with a biscuit, a comic and planning my next photoshoot. I do hope to see you very soon - I know you are no longer a little girl but you will always be my little girl.

I hope you are enjoying my little packages and the English books. 

I love you and miss you dearly

Kisses and cuddles

Dad x