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A star in the making

I am currently in Spain to see my daughter (Ariadna), and boy, how she has grown. She is now a little person and full of life and energy and everything around her is interesting and exciting - don't we all miss those days?!

My self-imposed assignment on this occasion is to get some wonderful storytelling images, capturing the person she is and the star she will be, simple! Luckily she is a fantastic subject to photograph, if slightly uncooperative at times, but when you get it, it's magic. I have the added advantage of being in Spain where everything looks lush, interesting and different, but none-the-less still requires work and thought put into each of the images. Some shots were happy accidents others involved bribery - but all were worth it for the end result.


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I'm sure you would agree Ariadna has a promising future ahead. I hope you enjoy the images as much as I enjoyed taking and creating them. I'll leave you with a final thought for the inner child in all of us - Grow up without growing up :)