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As the chimes of Big Ben fade and the ashes of the fantastic London firework display settle on the Thames, I welcome in 2012, giving rise to a fresh start and new challenges. Never one to avoid a challenge, I have decided to do another 52-week project. Why? Because since I started making professional images I have found that my photography has changed from mainly creative to more technical - now I would like to blend those two disciplines more to produce better, stronger images. As it's been a year since I completed my last 52 I am also looking forward to seeing a noticeable improvement in my photography.

In order to challenge myself a little more, I have decided against the simple approach. I am going to push myself further and harder, to try to break some barriers - whether that be speaking to strangers on the street and asking to take their portrait or simply trying a new technique. I want to be pushed. I might also revisit some general concepts of my previous 52 and see if I can improve upon them using my new knowledge and experience.

So has this inspired you to try your own 52-week project? Well, in its simplest form all you need to do is create a list of 52 subjects, then each week shoot whatever you think best fits that week's subject. There are plenty of useful groups on Flickr or in photography forums should you need encouragement or ideas. Or why not check out my previous 52-week project by clicking HERE.

If you are feeling brave enough to attempt a 365 project then I strongly recommend you check out TRACEY BARROW's website. Her self-portraits have been amazing and always surprising. The quality of her work is outstanding and will no doubt inspire you to try it. However, if the thought of a 365 or even a 52 is too much for you right now, then why not drop in on my Facebook group for a new themed challenge every fortnight? Simply join the PROJECT INCEPTION group.

Whatever you get up to in 2012, enjoy it.