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Beach of the dead event

At 3pm on 22nd November, Brighton’s infamous Zombie Walk returned for its fifth year - Beach of the Dead V!

This was a perfect excuse for everyone to chill out, dress up and forget about the world and politics, and be dead silly. Participants were asked to dress and act accordingly: A zombie - a person who is or appears to be lifeless, apathetic, or totally lacking in independent judgement; automaton. The turnout for this event was enormous (approx 3,000) and some people had gone all-out with their costumes and make-up. The weather was wonderful and if it was a little chilly I was way too busy photographing the dead to notice.

While the groaning procession of undead bodies ambled its way through the streets of Brighton, like a scene from a horror movie, standers-by could only look on in shock and awe. There was certainly lots to keep our interest - too much in fact - I managed to lose my photography friends amongst the zombies. And then for being good ghouls and gals there was a party at Concorde 2 on the seafront, where the zombies could let their hair down.

WARNING: This event is not suitable for the living!