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Being Sociable

The more observant amongst you will have noticed a brand refresh for 2012. Please offer your feedback as I am always interested to know your opinions.

So why did I do this? I realised my previous design didn't gel with "me" - it was flowery, soft and girly (not that there is anything wrong with that) but that wasn't what I wanted. I wanted something stronger and timeless. So over the course of a month or so I created several different designs. The one you now see stuck out as the strongest, the most interesting and, even though only abstractly, still maintained the butterfly concept behind Krysalis. To achieve the new logo, I reversed the letter K, added an inner shadow and played with it a little more until it met with my approval. I toyed with several colour options but decided to keep it clean and simple, as that works best on screen and in print. I think overall it is quite striking and definitive, so goal achieved :)

It is important that your brand reflects you and serves a purpose rather than just being a logo for the sake of it. A brand helps you establish an identity, it helps create a connection between you and your customers, when they buy into a brand they have expectations and expect you to be able to deliver - take APPLE for example, they are market leaders at branding and service delivery. Here is a sample of how my logo has evolved over the past few years, leading to the current one.

A variety of Krysalis Photography logos

So to ensure all my branding was brought into alignment I went on a quest to update and re-brand all my other social media. In the tech-savvy world we live in, it is important to be socially active on different networks, and I must admit it's quite a challenge (even though I understand the tech world). You work hard on your design and branding only to find that different social network sites operate in different ways, forcing you to comply with their brand. For example, my Facebook page allows me to create a welcome screen, import my logo and offers me a unique user address - - wonderful. Google+, the newest social site, however, is proving more difficult to make my own, not least because of the stupid address it offers with no current option to change it - not so user friendly.

Most people are connected through social media in one way or another, but the three most important today are Facebook, Twitter & Google+

I have found that the best places to show off your work are Flickr, 500px & Youtube. Dripbook is an option worth looking into, although it doesn't seem to have a huge UK following yet. However, it does offer a nice way to showcase your work (a word of warning, it's not free).

Also consider joining Pinterest - this is a great resource, not only to promote your stuff but also to build inspiration boards and collate ideas.

Don't get me wrong, I'm aware that there are many other options out there and new ones are popping up all the time, but I believe the above sites currently work best for the photography industry. It doesn't hurt to join others such as Tumblr, Linkedin, Ning, Orkut, Hi5, MySpace and the countless others, but personally I just don't see the advantage or have the time to update all these as regularly as is necessary. It is crucial that you use what works for you, and that you understand what each network's target market is and how best to use it.

If you want an internet presence but don't yet know who with, or you want to pay for a site and hosting, why not consider using This free resource at least allows you to point your clients somewhere online and you can add all your network links here too - think of it as an online business card. :)

I hope some of this has helped you, given you pause for thought, or even put you on the right track. If nothing else, you are now aware of my new branding.