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Book Review: Hot Shots

I don't normally recommend books because many of them (as with films) promise so much but deliver so little. However, I am pleased to say that Hot Shots by Kevin Meredith lives up to the hype, and is an excellent inspiring read.

Lomokev, as he's affectionately known in photography circles, is a Brighton-based professional photographer who knows what it takes to make a great photograph, and it's not an expensive high-end camera! Inside the pages of this slightly larger than pocket-sized book are some real gems to get you inspired and taking photos that you will be proud of. The book is designed so the left-hand page contains the information about the image on the right, accompanied by a key to each shot, camera information and nuggets like "a common problem when shooting on the surface of water is that you can get water drops on the lens and these cause blurry areas on the photo. This can be avoided simply by licking the lens because the water drops can't adhere to saliva" - that's the voice of experience right there!

The topics covered in the book include composition, exposure, low-light, night shots, portraits, perspective, city and landscapes, speed, movement, abstraction, animals, colour, flash, silhouettes and black & white, amongst others. He doesn't stop there however - Kevin also offers hints and tips on what to do once you have taken the shot, such as Photoshop techniques, online sharing and image management. I recently attended a workshop delivered by Kevin on how he makes use of FLICKR and let me tell you, he is quite an authority on the subject, so it's worth paying attention to what he has to say.

Kevin's passions seem to be Lomography, feet and full English breakfasts and these are evident throughout his work. The tagline to Hot Shots is "Make every photo your best" and I think Kevin has given the reader more than enough ideas to do just that. If you don't own this book, consider it - it's a worthwhile investment. We all have days when we just don't feel inspired and the beauty of this book is the fact you can open it at any page and you're good to go, full of ideas and enthusiasm.