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Brighton Fashion Week: Showreel

Concluding Brighton's Fashion Week was Showreel, and they really had saved the best till last.

As a photographer, I am drawn to things visually interesting, colour and energy, and this show delivered in spades. As this was the highlight show there wasn't a spare seat in the house and several celebrities had come out to see what was on offer.

‘Showreel will be the home of costume designers seeking to transform their creations onto the catwalk. Of course, stripping the pieces of their context would be detrimental to the idea of the costume, and so for this reason, ‘Showreel’ is bound to be a spectacle of eccentric individuals, developed characters, and bold statements, practically unfit for everyday wear.' source: Brighton Fashion Week

I took up my position in the photography pit and I could feel the excitement build, the lights dimmed the chatter died down and the music started to thump. It was showtime!

As the show started I could see the oufits were much more elaborate and intricate, the make-up was more theatrical, and the model's didn't simply walk down the catwalk they owned it! Sarina Poppy's dancing flapper wedding collection injected a large dose of energy into the room and even though based on 1920's fashion, it was very current, especially with The Great Gatsby just been released. We were whipped back into shape with Curve Coutures wonderful corset collection, followed by neon knitwear from Jylle Navarro, who had an interesting take on fashion for the future.

At the interval we took a moment to check out our work (and each others) from the back of the camera and discuss the visual stimulation we witnessed. There were lots of smiling faces and the mood more upbeat.

The second half began with The Purple Jester unveiling his costumes and characters through storytelling. I thought this was a great way to utilise the catwalk and engross the audience. Louise O'Mahony had a new collection to share, as her robotic models demonstrated. Then, the moment I had been waiting for, Katarzyna Konieczka's twisted avant-garde creations. I had seen much of her work online, but I was itching to see it in person, I was not disappointed. I will be working with some of her pieces very shortly, so watch this space ;)

I am aware the designers put a lot of time and energy, not to mention creativity into all their designs, but let's not forget all those who worked hard behind-the-scenes to make it happen and the fabulous work the models did switching in and out of clothing at break neck speed, I can only imagine the mayhem backstage. And finally to my fellow photographers, when you see their wonderful images popping up in a Facebook stream (or whatever platform) take a moment to 'like' or leave a comment, I am sure they will appreciate the feedback.

It was my pleasure to photograph these amazing designers: Curve Couture, Jylle Navarro, Katarzyna Konieczka, Mlle.yoko, Louise O'Mahony, Sarina Poppy, Tracey Cochrane, Uta Bekaia & Ideal Glass New York

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