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Brighton Fashion Week: Sustain

No sooner had Day One finished than Day Two rolled around, and it was showtime yet again.

The theme for this session was Sustain. It highlighted designs by artists who take an environmentally conscious and sustainable approach to fashion. The opening to the show was interesting, with vibrant neon colours and exciting designs strutting down the catwalk, which showed sustainable clothing need be anything but boring.

Given that Brighton is the first city in the UK to have a Green Party in power, it was the perfect place to show off the eco-friendly fashion, watched on from the audience by the Lord Mayor.

'Clothing is a physical representation of our inner being; creativity, imagination, fantasies, desires, mentality and our ethics. Fashion is a second skin, one we shed daily and that remains malleable to our ever-changing sensibilities. Fashion should not be harmful in any way, nor irrelevant. Sustainability is key, and ethical garments can represent this beauty powerfully.' source: Brighton Fashion Week's website.

The designers showcased this time were: Anna Bykova, Brandy Easter, Dumpster Design, Fabryan, George May, Jack kindred-Boothby, Liora Lassalle, Rebecca Jane Taylor, Anja Crabb.

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