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Brighton Fashion Week: Zeitgeist

And so it began - Brighton Fashion Week was about to kick off and Day One's theme was Zeitgeist.

Held in the stunningly beautiful St. Bartholomews Church, Brighton, the preparations were all in place and the doors were about to open. I had arrived early in order to get a good spot in the pit, but it seemed lots of other photographers had had the same idea, so from my vantage point I decided to shoot high and in close. As I glanced outside from the photographers' pit I could see the masses awaiting entry, edging ever closer.

'Zeitgeist is about the here and the now. It festers in the present but acknowledges the future and the ever-changing landscape of the fashion industry.' This was the concept behind this element of Brighton Fashion Week. Not being a 'fashionista' I didn't really know what this meant in terms of what we would see coming down the catwalk, but it would be interesting, of that I had no doubt.

The twelve designers whose fresh ideas and original concepts were showcased on Day One were: Aimee Matthew-John, Belles Bejewelled, Brian Chan, DiorAlop, Frances O’Leary, Hyungtae kim, Jess Eaton, Jovana Markovic, Katie Jones, Major London 05, studio 805, Tata Christiane

I would not be speaking out of turn by saying Jess Eaton's 'Roadkill Couture' collection stole the show - it was a fantastic fusion of fashion, interest and creativity.

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