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Brighton Fringe: A dirty weekend with Der Wunderlich

This all-star cast of performers barely had enough room on the stage for the larger-than-life personalities, as the story unfolded of a couples dirty weekend in Brighton.

The show, performed at The Brunswick, started with a short silent film as we watched the couple arrive in Brighton for their weekend. The film then came to life as the actors made their way on stage. As the story went from scene to scene our compère, Dolly Rocket kept us amused in all manner of ways. Dolly let loose with both barrels, which were fully loaded, but enough about her attributes, her singing was right on the money, especially her rendition of "these boobs were made for walking".

Then it was the turn of Mr B, the gentleman rhymer, he certainly got the house a'rocking with his unique chap-hop, jolly good show old boy!

Having never witnessed a male burlesque show it was hard to know what to expect, but risqué comedy is a guarantee. The performance was engaging and diverse, even rough in places, but that only added to the charm, as for the finalé, sparklers in the bum, always a good ending.

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