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Brighton Fringe: Alive & Swinging

I would say without question, Alive & Swinging was the best performance I have seen at this years Fringe.

The premise for the show was several dead musical heroes were finding heaven was boring and they wanted to let lose, so they returned to earth for one more performance.

The show at The Old Market was opened by the curvy Marilyn Monroe (Laura Nixon) addressing the audience with her natural charisma and singing a ditty or two. Then the stage really came alive as The Blues Brothers made their entrance. Not only was their performance spot on but they got everyone in the mood for some real rocking as the audience sang and danced along to the show.

Amy Winehouse came back from the dead full of attitude and a slightly uncooperative wig. The performance was a good one and the audience all joined in singing along to Valerie.

Carmen Miranda was colourful and a welcomed addition to the line up. It was a delight to watch.

Elvis (Jim Devereaux), had the pleasure of closing the show; full of sex appeal, a fantastic outfit and bags of energy - the air was electric. Not content with just the stage, Elvis moved amongst the audience, and the crowd went wild as he offered kisses and handshakes. Jim really was Elvis personified.

Given that this show was SO awesome and SO diverse, you are in for a treat as I share even more images with you ;)

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