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Brighton Fringe: La Clique

I think it's fair to say that this years hot ticket is La Clique!

Even before the show had started, I heard it had already sold around 700 tickets, and the Brighton Fringe team were all raving about it. The Spiegeltent, where the performances would take place, was set up in the Spiegel Garden. The tent is like the Tardis, from the outside it looked small, but once inside I was amazed at what they managed to fit in.

I was invited to photograph the show, which was a delight as only a small select few were allowed. Now, when you are faced with a six-foot gay man dressed in a shiny blue bunny suit, you know you're in for an interesting evening! And so it began.

If you like the more ridiculous and darker sides of entertainment, then this is right up your alley. The routines are polished and engaging. It is a fine line as to whether they could push the boundaries even more, but I would say yes, in this day and age we are looking for new, exciting and different and I think they have the team capable of delivering that.

The list of talented performers include Paul Zenon, Blue Bunny, Mikeangelo, Lilikoi Kaos, Stephen Williams and the Wau Wau sisters, I think there was more but with so much going on it was hard to remember their names, but not the acts, they were outstanding, outrageous and oh so remarkable. Paul Zenon amazed and amused with his magic acts, Blue Bunny bemused us, Mikeangelo soothed us with his soulful but unnerving songs, Stephen Williams wowed us with his aerial act, the Wau Wau sisters finished the show with an impressive trapeze act. There was also hula-hooping, balloon popping, elastic band wearing, side splitting comedy, oh, and a teaspoon up the nose!

Once again due to the amount of variety at the show, I am really spoiling you with this bumper collection of images.

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