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Brighton Fringe: Laurel & Hardy

This comedic duo are childhood heroes of mine, so I just had to come and see this show, and I am so pleased I did. Another fine mess? Nope!

The story is told from the after-life, and takes you through the life and times of the best-loved comedy double act of all time, Laurel & Hardy. The show starts even before you enter the stage, in the hallway Stan Laurel is busy watching silent runs of their movies and making notes, while chuckling to himself. On stage Oliver Hardy is fast asleep while the movie plays in the background, the stage is set.

The play, which is full of slapstick humour, tells the story of Stan and Ollie in a bitter-sweet way and is quite touching in parts, it is wonderfully acted by The Lucky Dog Productions team. It is currently running at the Brighton Media Centre in Middle Street, do make sure you catch it :)

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