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Brighton Fringe: Scallywags

World War II is upon us. Britain is facing invasion. The home guard is out-stretched. We need the Scallywags!

The Scallywags were specially trained, highly secret units created by the United Kingdom government during the Second World War. These otherwise ordinary people were dentists, butchers and rich tycoons who were chosen to be our last line of defence. Scallywags takes a look at the back-story of a small group of Scallywags and takes us on a journey of understanding, intrigue and peril.

This piece of physical theatre was very well crafted. The main prop - a large table, was used beyond imagination; a table, a tunnel, a desk, a counter even a torture chamber. The characters although a cross between Dads Army and Carry On were very good in their own right. What starts off as comedy ends with a serious and poignant message, lest we never forget.

If you do go and see it at The Warren, don't keep a stiff upper lip, instead laugh out loud.

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