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Brighton Photographers Group

The Brighton Photographers Group is now being run by Glynn Roche, Gill Golding and me - we have been working hard behind the scenes to give the group a more direct purpose, starting with the Brighton Fringe Exhibition which is being held at FaB (Food & Barista) throughout May. This is a great way for our members to have their work professionally exhibited and gives the public the chance to discover these talented exhibitors. There are 42 images, by 30 different photographers, adorning the walls of the café. Not only that, most of the images will be available for purchase once the festival is over.

So what is the Brighton Photographers' Group? It's a group for photographers and anyone who loves photographic images, it provides a chance to meet up and talk about projects, gear, techniques or to simply share images and learn. We have teamed up with the Brighton Media Centre to give our members a purpose-built, photographic facility to learn in. We will be offering education by way of monthly talks on the third Wednesday of each month (7pm), as well as offering training workshops and excursions - these will typically be more practical and hands-on, so you will soon start to understand and become more familiar and confident with your camera and settings.

Fring festival exhibition at FaB

So what's so special about the Brighton Media Centre? Well, not only is it centrally located but it has a gallery, an infinity cove, a photo studio, editing space, conference facilities and a garden. What more could we need? OK, it also has WiFi, tea and coffee, chroma setups, lights and a projector. If you would like to know more about the facilities and specifications, click HERE

There will be as much for the beginner as there is for the more advanced photographer. Attending the talks and workshops will no doubt encourage you to want to learn about shooting landscapes, portraiture, macro or even to tackle studio photography, and we will continuously offer more diverse photography workshops and training opportunities. We are also looking for sponsors and other professionals to link up with - with our membership at 350+ and still growing, we are in a strong position, giving you (the member) more than you can get anywhere else!

Several BIG names in the industry are already interested in supporting and working with us, so the BPG really is THE place to be ;)

Conference Room at the Media Centre Brighton

Photowalks What is a Photowalk? Put simply, it's for a group of photographers to go out on a planned route and take pictures. Our Photowalks are different (we like to think better) than you might get in other groups. Why? Because they are all led by one of our members, they have a specific objective, and advice is given and typically shared by fellow photographers as we work our way through streets, piers and promenades.

We aim to run one Photowalk each month. Up until now, these FREE walks have mainly been led by Gill, and they have been varied and very interesting walks around Brighton, London and the countryside.

Talks On every third Wednesday of the month, we will bring you speakers who will educate, entertain and enthuse you on your journey as they speak about theirs. These talks are a great opportunity to listen, question and think about photography, and of course to meet other photographers.

Excursions We are looking at running some excursions to interesting photographic places. These will only have a limited number of spaces so RSVP quickly to secure your place. We are trying to ensure we accommodate large groups as well as smaller ones. If you know of somewhere different and exciting, do make us aware so we can look into it further and make the necessary arrangements.

Outdoor and Nature Workshops We are cultivating relationships with several venues and professionals to offer outdoor and nature photography opportunities at a reasonable cost, and they will give you the opportunity to get portfolio-building images.

Night / Low-light Workshops If you are more of a night owl than an early bird then why not check out our low-light and night photography courses? These come with tuition to ensure you get the most from the event. Seeing the city at night and learning to open your eyes to the array of possibilities which exist - from HDR to creative street photography. These are charged per course and spaces may be limited.

Flash Photography Courses Working closely with Adam Bronkhorst, our very own flash guru and lighting expert, we aim to offer you top-class teaching at a price that won't break the bank and will leave you full of knowledge. These are practical hands-on experience workshops, not boring lectures about theory.

One of our key aims is to keep members informed about all photographic training/opportunities throughout Brighton, so 'LIKE'  our page for details and to get access to our newsletter. So, that just about brings you up-to-date with where we are. As for where we are heading ... well, you will just have to join us to see ;)