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Commercial Hair Photoshoot

Black Eye Hair Creative Shoot

My latest photoshoot was for Black Eye Hair Salon in Brighton. Raf and Darren (the stylists) worked their magic, creating some wonderful looks for the three very different models. 

It was the first time in front of the camera for two of the models and they took direction really well. Raf had chosen two designers to  create fabulous outfits although, admittedly, in my images you don't get to see much of them. The models certainly liked them and Erika has full body shots showing them in all their glory, so make sure you check out her images both online and in the magazine.

Speaking of which, WHM magazine joined us on this shoot to capture the behind-the-scenes action and to write an editorial about this new hair salon on George Street. Erika Szostak was creating some cleverly-constructed editorial images to accompany the article, while I focused on headshots specifically to show off the hair.

Raf and I are discussing more of these shoots throughout the year, so keep checking back to see the results.

Awesome Hair shot
Creative Hair Shot
Curly Dark Hair Portrait
Doll like portrait
Striking redhead portrait
Creative Profile shot

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