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One thing that Brighton does well is being forward-thinking. Throughout Brighton there is a wealth of talented artists in many different formats, but luckily for me the cafés and restaurants are hungry for great works of art to exhibit on their walls.

Corked Wine and  Flaming Shot
Corked Wine and Flaming Shot

It's a win/win situation, as they get to have great works to display for free and the artists get a chance to promote themselves and their work. I am pleased to announce that Krysalis Photography is now one of those artists, as some of my work is being exhibited around Brighton, which is fantastic!

Based in the heart of Brighton, in the North Laine, only 5 minutes' walk from the train station, is Seasons Café, an informal brasserie/café with a relaxed atmosphere serving home–made modern British cuisine throughout the day using fresh, local and seasonal produce. It's a fantastic, perfectly-sized venue, with friendly and approachable staff and management. I won't tell you about the food - all I will say is go find and out for yourself, you won't regret it.

Seasons Café 36 Gloucester Road Brighton BN1 4AQ View Larger Map

I can't put my finger on it but this place just feels authentic. This traditional family-run restaurant has bubbly staff who are happy to serve and nothing seems too much trouble for them - a sign of a good restaurant, in my opinion. The décor is elegant and simple. One trick they're missing is having a web presence - something they are looking to sort out very soon.

Sofia's Italian Restaurant 24 Ship Street The Lanes Brighton BN1 1AD View Larger Map

Whilst in any venue around Brighton, spare a thought and look around at the work artists/photographers have taken the time to produce for your enjoyment and, while you're at it, consider if you would like to own such a piece or know of someone who might. My work will be up for around 8 weeks - thereafter it will seek a new home. Should you be interested in exhibiting any of the work of Krysalis Photography or require any commercial images for brochures, menus or venue shots do get in touch.