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Oh My Honey Commercial Shoot

As the snow came down last Sunday, a call to go and do a shoot came my way. Excitement was reaching fever pitch until a glance out of the window showed that the snow had absolutely no intention of stopping.

As I watched the swirling snow quickly settling in deeper and deeper piles, I realised there was no way a shoot was going to happen today. As a photographer, I'm rarely daunted by the weather but sometimes I have to accept that it's just not good shooting conditions - not least the potential damage to expensive photographic equipment from water damage.

By Tuesday, however, the conditions were perfect (cold and clear but with plenty of snow left on the ground), and after a few phone calls, it was all systems go again. Laura (the model) was ready and willing to brave the bitterly low temperatures in order to promote a new range of wedding dresses by Louise (the designer) of Oh My Honey.

We all thought the beautiful white landscape stretching as far as the eye could see would offer something different and interesting, which it certainly did. The locations for this shoot were the woods and the surrounding open fields in Falmer. I was ably assisted by Jason, whose help (and 4WD!) was invaluable.

Photographer - Dade Freeman aka Krysalis Photography Designer / Stylist - Louise O'Mahony aka Oh My Honey Model -Laura Nenonen Assistant - Jason Balchin