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Riki Tiks Exhibit

Art Noise is a brand new night coming to Brighton and anyone can get involved. It will combine art and photography from the local community with a soundtrack of fresh underground dance music.

Life and Death
Life and Death

Whether you’re an amateur photographer looking to widen your audience; a professional artist hoping to gain recognition or just an art lover with a free Tuesday evening, Art Noise should prove to be a great night out. For artists and photographers Art Noise will provide a great setting to showcase your work and network with Brighton’s creative community. There is a projector to display digital versions of your material or alternatively you can bring prints to be hung up on the wall. For those art lovers among you, the night will prove to be something completely different from the traditional white walls and hushed atmosphere of gallery space. It will provide a fun and stimulating environment for viewing art, alongside which you can enjoy a drink and a dance. Riki Tik is an ideal venue for such an event. Located in the North Laines (the heart of Brighton’s artistic community) - it combines stylish decor and a laid-back atmosphere with great beer deals and a large cocktail menu.

So Krysalis Photography has submitted 5 pieces of work to be exhibited - which are more commercial work than portraits. I think I still need to enhance my portfolio on that side - something I am keen to do, sadly I'm not getting many volunteers. The exhibition is due to take place tomorrow, so I will update you with how it went.

An added benefit to this exhibit was the fact I recently attended a photo talk at Add the Colour given by Erika Szostak who gave an excellent approach to giving your images a voice. To think about why you took that particular image and why words matter, almost as much as the image. She gave a prime example showing off one of her own works and then sharing the dialogue that went with the image - very strong stuff and well presented. So armed with this as a resource too I think I will be better prepared to explain my work and concepts.

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