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Vintage Pinups

You know those days when you just don't want to get up? Especially after having only a couple of hours sleep. But you know it will be worth it, if you can just get out of bed - well this was such a day. And boy, was I glad I did!

After a long night shooting at Proud Ballroom, I had an early start for a vintage pin-up photoshoot with Sarah Olivier. Having organised a shoot like this myself (see here) , I was well aware of the huge amount of time and energy that goes into collaborative shoots. I knew that the project leader, Sarah, had worked hard to pull this off and I would not dream of letting her down. Not only had she co-ordinated the models, makeup artists, hair stylists and wardrobe, but she had even managed to get a beach hut on the seafront to shoot in and work from!

I was 1st assistant/photographer with PaVan Wilder as 2nd assistant/photographer. The shoot itself involved seven models, beautifully styled by some fabulous artists. The models were: Emily Bunclark, Natasha Gatward, Karla Lisher, Laura Louise, Annamaria Dollie Dore, Kiki Mccaffery, Kelly-Marie Saunders, their hair was styled by Louisa Bushassisted by K Lo De , the makeup by Kelly-Marie Saunders assisted by Poppy Glendeningand the wonderful outfits were supplied by the talented Jenny Mearns of Frantic About Franc

There was already loads going on at the seafront, and our beautiful ladies in swimwear certainly drew a lot of the attention from passers by, the lord mayor even popped her head in. To add a touch of authenticity, Sarah had 2 original pilot's jackets which the ladies wore and used as accessories. The sun worked against us in as much as it was too bright and created harsh shadows over the faces of the models, but worked to keep them warm while shooting. After a little scouting we used an old shelter which helped shade models from the sun, gave us some privacy to shoot, as well as giving us leading lines and frames to work within.

See the results of the shoot for yourself in this wonderful slideshow (please view fullscreen)