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Disney Star Wars

For the past couple of weeks I have been photographing and editing the fantastic new range of Disney Infinity 3.0 Star Wars characters. 

To be honest, I am not interested in the interactive game side you can do with them, but rather their cartoon look, the great character design and their striking poses. I was slightly disappointed they weren't action figures (posable) but instead they are moulded in a fixed position. The bases they are stuck on a bit random and very large, and they got in the way of photographing the feet of each character, so that meant having to be a little clever with hiding them.

As I thought I should get in close to see the all the detail of the Star Wars characters, it was pretty obvious that the macro lens was going to be the right choice for me. Once I decided on my angles, lighting and scene, I then used a mixture of in-camera effects and Photoshop to complete the final image. In order to create the different atmospheres needed in each picture, I used flour to create the snow, a spritzer to create a storm scene and incense to give a smokey environment. Adding a splash of Photoshop magic finished the images off perfectly.

In order to capture these shots I needed good lighting, and given the size of the models, flashes would be perfect for the job. I used two or three flashes depending on the need of each set. With 2x Yongnuo 560 IV's working as the rim and background lights, and a Canon 580 EXII inside of the Godox Strip box as the main light. I combined the Yongnuo's with the Magmod Grid and Snoot system, so I could define the lighting to just where it was needed.

Star Wars Characters

Star Wars Battles

The story of Star Wars is the age old battle of good Vs evil, so no photoshoot would be complete without a face-off. Here are some shots with the characters about to battle. Yoda Vs Darth Maul and of course those arch-rivals Boba Fett Vs Han Solo.

Star Wars Behind The Scenes

To give you an idea of how I put these shots together here are some behind-the-scenes shots including the final edit. I placed Boba Fett in a baking tray full of water, to hide the base, to give a reflection and to add a splash effect. To create the rain I used a spritzer bottle with water and sprayed it at Boba Fett as the shutter fired.

As I mentioned before, control of light is vital. I don't feel I can recommend something unless I have tried it myself, in real-world terms. This was the ideal test for the Magmod speedlite modifier system. As you can see the Magmod modifiers worked perfectly at controlling where the light hit on the model. The system is so quick and simple to setup and use, due to it's magnetic locking mechanism and there is no fear of the modifiers falling off, as has happened with my other grid and gel system. Using the snoot meant precise focus of the light, while the grid and gel on the opposite side added control and colour toning.

This is the first set and I hope to release the next set very shortly. I hope you like them as much as I enjoyed creating them :)