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Emma & Gaz's wedding

Wedding in Telford

The Church of St. Patrick's in Wellington, Telford, is a fantastic building that is well maintained, has beautiful stained glass windows, plenty of character and somewhere I had not been in since I was a child. All of which makes for a great photographic backdrop. Hussian and I had the honour of photographing the wedding of friends Gaz & Emma, in our first church wedding. The Bride and Groom had decided on a number of ‘select choices’ for their wedding that set the day apart from the more traditional weddings we are used to photographing. The first of which was the arrival of the Groom.

Gaz is absolutely mad about cars so no surprises really when he decided to turn up in a supercar, namely a Ferrari 360. He had planned to have the bride arrive in a Porsche, but sadly a blown engine dictated otherwise (Gaz was not responsible for said engine). Fortunately for Emma, she got to ride in the Ferrari when leaving the church venue, much to Gaz’s dimay (there were tears).

The ceremony itself went without a hiccup and it was interesting to see the difference between a civil and a traditional church ceremony. Although for the majority of the service I had my fingers crossed in the hope that the rain which had greeted us upon arrival, would have subsided in time for the group shots, which thankfully it did. Guests who attended came from far and wide including Thailand, Germany and bonnie Scotland. The family member from Scotland turned up in full traditional Scottish attire, which made a great photo opportunity.

At the reception it was time for the second of the fun choices to become apparent, a bouncy castle! Yes, Gaz and Emma wanted a shot of themselves enjoying the bouncy castle.

It certainly made for interesting and fun images that the couple will remember fondly. The Bride, Groom and guests seemed to have a great day which is important and makes the day.

So it just falls to me to wish the couple, on behalf of myself and Hussian, a great honeymoon and a long loving life together.

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