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Brighton Marathon 2012

On Sunday I had the pleasure of officially photographing the runners and winners of the Brighton Marathon. About 9,000 runners took part in the third Brighton marathon, raising around £4m for more than 300 charities. Some participants  just ran as they were and some added a more unusual twist - there were Angry Birds, a giant tiger, a rhino, Thunderbirds, another runner  in a suit of armour weighing 100lbs, and then there was Danny Miller, who hoped to set a world record for the longest non-stop moonwalk!

Photographers Pass
Photographers Pass

The crowds lined the streets cheering the runners on, while the glorious sunshine kept the rain at bay. As the runners crossed the line it was interesting to see the number of different emotions they exhibited - exhilaration, exhaustion, frustration. After running for so long over such a great distance,  the legs of many runners simply gave up, making the very idea of staying on their feet for a photograph seem like an enormous task.

The race was won by Kenya's Peter Some in a record time of 2hr 12min 02sec. The sign below was the best advice on offer - when you hit those walls you just need to know you can push through as long as you keep moving.

Keep Moving Sign
Keep Moving Sign

It was a great event with lots of support for the runners, but after shooting all day long - and it had been a LONG day - I felt guilty that my feet hurt. That's why I'm a photographer, not a runner ;)