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Rock the Frock

The season may have just changed to Autumn, but surprisingly we are having what's referred to as an Indian Summer, which meant for this shoot lots of unexpected sun to combat.

On Sunday, I attended a "Rock the Frock" photoshoot organised by Lel Hurst, and her beautiful cousin kindly played the role of a young, funky bride. Lel had decided that Hove was to be the place for the shoot due to the green lawns, colourful huts and rocky seafront - all of which offered lots of diversity in a short space.

Jordon Ellen Stevens did a fantastic job and was very willing to try anything including rocking out with a guitar, which was great and allowed us to be adventurous with our shots. For someone who was not a 'model' she did amazing and just got on with it. We utilised the grounds and space around us, including using the sun in our favour by back-lighting Jordon giving us a wonderful silhouette to work with.

It was all going swimmingly until the end, when there was supposed to be an epic guitar smash like the album cover to London Calling by The Clash. However, the guitar failed to break and after several attempts it rather kind of fell apart, but it was funny nonetheless.