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Fashion meets Street workshop

Fashion on the street

It is always good to push yourself and try something different, and to that end I signed up to Alex Lambrechts fashion meets street photography workshop. Alex Lambrechts is a very sought after Fashion Photographer, having recently had his images featured in the likes of; GQ Japan, Twelv, Leica S League, L'Officiel, Elle, Vogue Italia, VV and Nylon.

Having seen the striking images Alex created on a previous high-fashion shoot in London I was keen to see what I could do with a similar subject matter. I was keen to learn something different, and I was sure I would because of the way Alex shoots.

This workshop took place in Brighton, and Alex had opted for the model (Jasmin Lambrechts) to blend in to the surroundings rather than stand out, isolated, as she did on other shoots (my heart sank just a tad if I'm honest). But you have to work with what you have, and I still had plenty to learn, so I cracked on. Alex's objective was to shoot in a variety of styles using the natural light as much as possible. Being a small group it was easy to get direct feedback and some 1-2-1 time.


Do something different photographically 

Alex's style is to shoot a little dark, exposing purely for the highlights. Whereas I found myself frequently wanting to see the detail and opening up my exposures, which was an interesting realisation. Exposing for the bright sunlight we were advised to try to "write with light" - by using the sunlight as a rim on the model, it separated her from the background and caused it to go darker.

Alex challenged us to shoot with slow shutter speeds, panning techniques, freeze movement, work with sun-flare and more.

All my shots were taken on the FujiFilm X-T1 using the XF23mm F1.4 and XF50-140mm F2.8 lenses. The editing was done with Lightroom CC using the FujiFilm simulation presets and VSCO.

Alex promised to take me out of my comfort zone and he certainly managed that :) 

Dade Freeman is a Brighton photographer creating portraits and fine art images for commercial and personal use.