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Fuji X-T1 on the streets of Brighton

The quest for peace

As you are probably aware I have been on the quest for a mirrorless system for some time now. Well I finally made my choice! I bought the FUJI X-T1, which I have had for about a month now, and I have to say I am really enjoying it. Not only because I can walk around town and when I get home I'm not exhausted from carry it, even with the telephoto lens attached, but because it feels great to use.

The Fuji X-T1 is proving to be a solid camera, and once I have the wide-angle option covered I may only use my Canon on specific shoots. To test how well the Fuji performs against my Canon 5DMK2 I used it in conjunction on a few shoots recently both in studio and outdoors. I can honestly say the ONLY difference between the shots were the Canon had smoother backgrounds, just! The image quality on the Fuji was amazing and the colour rendition fantastic.

Do I have any gripes? Well yes.

  • The focus is still not as snappy as my Canon, when it locks on it is great, but as you can see from the first shot in Mono +G below, this grab shot missed its target. I pulled up the camera and clicked. The focus system had no idea what the focus was, so it grabbed the text rather than the man.
  • On a recent wedding, the focus was good with steady paced action. I quickly realised that the in-view preview had to be turned off as it distracted with sequential shots.
  • All the lenses should be weather sealed as standard, giving me no reason not to take my camera out.
  • No native ISO 100 - setting the camera to 'L' gives you a JPEG instead of RAW. Can't really see why this is the case. Having ISO 100 is more useful for long exposures, rather than everyday shooting.
  • By todays standard, the articulating screen should have been a touch screen.
  • The flush nature of the buttons make it a little difficult to feel them on occasion and I don't really want to be looking at my camera and missing the action, a slight bevel on the buttons would have been nice. I have seen other people 'mod' their camera to fix this, but should you have to? 
  • The eye-piece is very hard when against your face, an air cushioned version would be better.
  • I would prefer the lock button function to apply to the setting I am on rather than just 'A', to ensure it doesn't get changed by mistake.
  • The X-T1 is a smidge small for my not so large hands. My little finger dangles at the bottom of the camera with nothing to hold on to, so I am probably going to buy the battery grip which will help this minor issue and also the battery life problem - which while we are on the subject this is by far my biggest gripe.
  • Fuji needs a great macro lens and tilt shift to make the system more complete.

That being said, these are small issues that can be overcome and something I will no doubt adapt to as I learn more about the camera and its functions. The Fuji has WAY more going for it than against it, and I have no regrets about buying it... well maybe one, I should have bought the X-T1 sooner.

Oh, and 'chimping' is pretty much a thing of the past as you now can see through the EVF what you are getting before you push the shutter, so no real need to check after the fact. 

Below I have some real world shots to show you how well the camera performs on a simple walk about town, on the streets of Brighton. I also wanted to test the in-built colour presets and see how they do for different subject matters.

The shots were taken on either the Fujifilm XF 35mm 1.4 or the Fujifilm XF 50-140 2.8 at various apertures. The preset specified has been applied and basic LR tweaks, no PS was used!

Using the in-built colour presets

The Fuji X-T1 comes with these in-build film simulations or presets which can be applied in camera or through LR as you see here.

  2. Camera Velvia/VIVID
  3. Camera ASTIA/SOFT
  5. Camera Pro Neg. Hi
  6. Camera Pro Neg. Std
  7. Camera MONOCHROME


So I thought I would see how they hold up and which take my fancy :)

Each set has three examples click the arrow to cycle through.






Pro Neg Hi

Pro Neg Standard


Monochrome + YE

Monochrome + R

Monochrome + G