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Getting to grips with... CAMERA BASICS

Camera Basicx

I will be running a series of workshops over the next few months. Kicking off this series will be - Getting to grips with... Camera Basics. The goal of this workshop, is to help you understand how your camera works, so you can confidently move away from 'auto' and take control of the camera. 

Starting off gently, I will explain all those buttons and dials. Moving on to aperture, shutter speed, ISO and demonstrate how they work together, and how they affect your images. Then I will explain those shooting modes, which you use in different situations, and even, get to grips with the Manual setting.  

We will have a quick look at lenses and the gear you are likely to use. This alone will save you from wasting hundreds of pounds on gear you don't really need.

Once the camera has been taken care of, we will discuss composition. Composition can make or break an image, so it plays a vital role in image production. Understanding what works and why is what will turn your average shots into great shots. 

Areas covered: 

  • Thirds / Leading Lines / Symmetry / Patterns / Depth of Field / Framing / Negative space / Cropping and much more.
  • Distractions, mergers and busy backgrounds and how to avoid them.
  • Understanding how to work a scene and what to look for compositionally.

By first explaining the 'rules' of photography we will take a closer look at how we can exploit them and maybe why you should.

This course will also be a practical session, so make sure you bring along your camera. 
Date:     Saturday 9th May
Time:     11-3pm
Venue:   15-17 Middle Street, Brighton.
Cost:      £49 payable via Paypal to

Please share this with any friends who may be interested or need the guidance.