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Inspiration: Zack Arias

I first became aware of Zack Arias (an editorial and commercial photographer based in Atlanta) through CreativeLive. Chase Jarvis was speaking enthusiastically about Zack's One Light Workshop so I sought out Zack's work, and WOW, it was a game changer! He is down to earth, a great educator and incredibly inspirational. Zack's journey has been a tough one though - he lost his first business and his family, then had to rebuild his life and business, both of which he has successfully done. This is a guy who saw a second chance and grabbed it with both hands!

That second chance all started with a friend of Zack's - Marc Climie, a successful wedding photographer - who convinced Zack to be a second shooter on a few weddings with him. As luck would have it, Zack also started getting requests from musician friends to photograph bands, press kits and concerts. Given his passion for music and photography, this seemed the perfect opportunity for Zack to combine his interests and focus on the profitable niche market of promotional images and head shots for up-and-coming musicians. This certainly helped Zack get re-established, but it's not over yet.

Zack's fame really came from his simple, no-nonsense approach and understanding of photography using off-camera lighting. After his workshops were all sell-outs, Zack decided to produce a One Light Workshop DVD, which is awesome and well worth getting hold of. With all this attention, Chase Jarvis took notice and asked him to teach some live online classes through CreativeLive. Zack agreed and I (and thousands of others from around the world) tuned in. I, for one, was instantly hooked.

The more I saw of his work, the more I could see how creative, imaginative and supportive he is. He is now firmly established and doing very well, and I'm so pleased for him. Zack is very candid in his interviews about what photography has cost him both in monetary terms and in his personal life, and I think being that open and honest is one of his best assets, because you get him on a whole other level. Another thing I love is the fact that he doesn't take himself too seriously - see his promotional videos for CreativeLive. Zack's car salesman persona is just too funny!

His method of training is relaxed yet powerful; he is the Tai-Chi master of photography - everything flows effortlessly yet packs a punch. His pearls of wisdom such as "HEAD IN A CLEAN SPOT" resonate within me whenever I go to shoot a portrait. I found a quote of his which sums up his approach perfectly, and is something we should always remember before we beat ourselves up: "No matter where we are in life, we will always want to be where others currently are".

Zack's dream is to shoot a Rolling Stone cover, until that day, here's to you, Zack, and your continued success ;)   *raises a bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale

Please watch and enjoy this fantastically well-conceived video.