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Manisha & Bhav's engagement

Engagement in Birmingham

We had the opportunity to do an engagement shoot in Birmingham yesterday, for Bhav and Manisha.  They're a Hindu couple who will be getting married in just a few days! Actually they will be getting married twice as they have a Civil and a Hindu wedding (and I thought one wedding cost enough!)

Bhav is an extremely talented chap, evidence of this was in the rings he has designed and made for their engagement and wedding.  He is also a romantic.  When we asked for locations to do the photoshoot, he immediately wanted to revisit all the places he and Manisha went to on their first date in Birmingham.

Even though Manisha was initially shy in front of the camera, this eventually wore off and she began to relax. Bhav on the other hand, seemed like he had been born to pose, but don't just take our word for it - check out the images.

It was a nice day and we were spoilt for choice with locations – their first date was obviously a busy day. I thought it was important to also capture the feelings and intimate moments between them and not just with us the photographers.

We are really looking forward to photographing their wedding and civil ceremony and wish the couple all the best for their future together.

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