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Mirrorless & Night Photography

Being new to the Fuji X-T1, I am interested to see how well it holds up in all sorts of conditions and where its limitations lie.

While on a night-time stroll around Brighton I decided to see what the camera could do and what issues I might encounter. Before leaving I decided on my settings, so I could focus on the streets and not the camera. First off was ensuring I was shooting in RAW, that way I could deal with colour issues from street lights and car headlights after the fact, should I want to use colour images. In any case, I prefer to shoot in B&W so I am not distracted by the colours. So I flipped the Film simulation over to B&W, then set the ISO to 3200, the aperture to 1.4 and dialed in the shutter speed as required depending on the situation. To work fast and light I did not take a tripod. With everything in place, I hit the streets.

On this walk, I went out with Tereza (my partner in crime), she was armed with a Canon 450D and a 50mm 1.8. She would walk with me, but find her own shots along the way.

Below is a sample of the shots I captured around Brighton. It was a quite night, so not much action to speak of. The camera had no issue working in the dark and the images on the camera screen looked better than the shots back on the computer. I might do a JPEG vs RAW shoot to see how they compare.

To see how well the colour rendition works I also shot some colourful images.