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On the Fringe

Brighton Fringe 2012 is almost upon us and this year promises to be even bigger than last, with 675 events at 315 venues over 3 weeks!

The city is full of advertising and promotion for the festival and yesterday morning, Mike Page and I had the pleasure of being part of that by doing a photo shoot at Brighton's West Pier. On the beach was a large Victorian bathing machine and a few performers to advertise the Brighton Fringe and, more specifically, the Dip Your Toe project. The sun was shining very brightly but no sooner had we dealt with the exposure issues that causes than a thick sea mist came rolling in. Oh, the joys of a photographer's life! Still, as you can see from the images below, we improvised, adapted and overcame ;)

Throughout May, when Brighton is blooming with art, six bespoke Victorian-style bathing machines will appear at some of the city’s iconic landmarks.[gallery link="file"]

Each bathing machine will be the inspiration and venue for a series of brand new performances by South East artists, creating unforgettable experiences for the city and its visitors.

I am also involved in The Brighton Photographers Group, and during the Fringe festival we are putting on an exhibition of work by talented local photographers, all sharing their own unique “Perspectives of Brighton”. To see the images for yourself in glorious high-definition, come along to FaB (Food and Barista) where the artwork will adorn the café walls for the duration of the festival. I am very pleased to add that a selection of my images made the shortlist for the exhibition, so why not go and see if you can spot my work amongst the other fantastic art?