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Project: Week 3 - Breakfast

With this week's challenge, BREAKFAST, I had quite an array of options open to me. Do I cook it myself? Do I go and find an interesting place to have a "fully loaded, all you can eat, greasy Joe's, trucker-style" breakfast? Or do I go down the healthy route and see if I can get into that little red number in my wardrobe (and by that I am, of course, referring to my t-shirt).

Cereal would have been an obvious choice and one that food photographers typically shoot using white glue in place of milk, because cereal reacts with real milk and goes soggy quick. As I said before I don't want to go down the "fake food" route, although...?! I thought I would keep it simple and make use of what I had at hand - so I chose pancakes. A little research brought up several suggestions for how to style the pancakes and after some experimentation, I created an image that I like.

I used a nice bright background to make the image 'pop' a little more and look uncluttered. The jug added some extra interest and, of course, I used my macro lens to get all those juicy details. Then it was a case of producing the right shot. I made several attempts with the maple syrup already having been poured, some with just the jug in shot and some mid-pour, but this is the one I liked best - so tantalising! I had wanted to shoot using natural light, but sadly the light through the window was not very bright so I had to resort to studio lighting. I still think it worked well.

The chosen image for Week 3.

Delicious pancakes for breakfast
Delicious pancakes for breakfast