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Photographic Challenges

52 Week Challenge

If you follow my blog you are no doubt aware that in 2015 I ran a 52 week photography challenge. Which, I'm pleased to say I completed. Below are the themes, should you wish to give it a go yourself, and below that is a slideshow of my images.

I will be having my '52' produced into a book, as I did back in 2011. Should you wish to make a book to accompany your work, I can highly recommend Blurb. Should you produce it before the 5th January - use code MOMENTS20 to get a 20% discount ;)

So what's next?!


12 Month Challenge

Well, I have decided that another 52 is just too much to take on again, so instead, I have put together a 12 month photography challenge. Giving me more time to produce solid pieces of work rather than a snaps, which tends to happen as time runs out. I am sure having 28+ days to work on concept through to the finished article will show in the final image. (fingers crossed)

Should you be inclined to join in with this new exciting challenge, I have created a Facebook group - The Dirty Dozen - which I will add people into up until mid January 2016.

To give you a flavour of the topics, below is the schedule for the year. As you can see by comparing lists, this challenge is a very different beast. 

So are you ready to accept the challenge?

Dade Freeman is a Brighton photographer creating portraits and fine art images for commercial and personal use.