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Photographing a male dancer

Portrait Photography

I once again, had the pleasure of working alongside the talent that is, Luis Young.

Luis is a model and dancer based in Brighton. For 2016 he required a new set of headshot and action portraits for his promotional material. So, he knew just where to come ;)

We started off in the studio, photographing a range of looks and portraits. Some were clothed and others topless - showing off his amazing physique. Luis works hard maintaining and building his body, and his dance moves, well you just have to see them for yourself. We decided to keep the action for outdoors. Once finished in the studio, we hit the streets of Brighton, where Luis turned the streets in to his own personal playground, as he tumbled and flipped before the camera.

I shot the whole series on The Fuji X-T1 using the 23mm and 50-140mm lenses. Inside the studio the Fuji worked perfectly with the Elinchrom light system, which consisted of a four light setup (my favourite kind). Outside we relied on natural light to capture Luis' moves. 

I am very pleased with the results of the shots and I know Luis is happy too.

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