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Low-Light Training

Now that the weather has started to warm up and it's staying light a little longer, the time has come for me to start running my mini-workshops. The first one will be a low-light workshop and for that I'm going to give one lucky person two hours of one-to-one tuition, (worth £80).

To start the year's workshops, I am looking for a guinea pig - not necessarily someone completely new to photography, but definitely new to low-light and night photography. Why? Because I want this to be realistic, and I want to be asked the kind of 'silly' questions which might crop up in future workshops (by the way, there are NO silly questions). That way I can ensure that if I don't know an answer, I can certainly find it out!

Brighton's Wheel
Brighton's Wheel

Low-light photography offers a whole new world of opportunity not seen by the human eye - you can capture car-light trails, motion blur, light painting effects and much more. Night photography also brings to life another side of the city, very different from the side we normally see.

What you will need: - to come to Brighton on Sunday 4th March for a two-hour workshop from 6pm till 8pm - a DSLR because we want to see the results instantly - a tripod because long exposures can't be handheld - a cable release - this makes it easier for long exposures as it avoids camera shake - and finally, although this is not crucial, to have a 'BULB' setting on your camera - this allows for very long exposures and better timing control of the shutter.

If you would like to win this fantastic opportunity for one-to-one training all you have to do is leave a message below, or click this FACEBOOK link, saying why you should be chosen and what you hope to learn from the session. The person chosen will be notified on Friday evening via a message on my Facebook page, so don't forget to check back there to see if you've won!