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Life on Mars

Life on Mars is actually a song from the album Hunky Dory, Bowie's fourth album.

One of the wonders of this song is the fact that Bowie sings with such yearning and compassion that you find yourself moved by the song even though you’re not quite sure what it’s about. The BBC Radio described Life on Mars as having "one of the strangest lyrics ever" consisting of a "slew of surreal images" like a Salvador Dalí painting. High praise indeed in my opinion.

Allmusic's Stephen Thomas Erlewine described Hunky Dory as having "a kaleidoscopic array of pop styles, tied together only by Bowie's sense of vision: a sweeping, cinematic mélange of high and low art, ambiguous sexuality, kitsch, and class."

Two tracks on this album are "Changes" and "Oh! You Pretty Things" which I think tie in perfectly with the model's looks. To create something a little more interesting, I asked the model to act a little manically at times. Using brighter lights made the images slightly unusual and the excessive make up brought in ambiguity.

If you don't know the reference, see here - Life on Mars Video

This is the third of five David Bowie personas

Make up Artist - Elloise India Willett Model - Jason Rhodes