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Centre Stage Make Up Studio

A recent commission found me at Centre Stage Make Up Studio in Blackboys.

I was booked to photograph the work of the students because they were coming to the end of their year-long course. They wanted some professional images for their portfolios and to get an idea of how and where to pose their subjects to get the best from them.

The Centre Stage Make Up Studio tutor, Judy, has over 30 years' experience and she aims to give her students everything they need to work as professionals in the industry. She teaches skills such as how to make the best of a face, creating characters for TV, film and theatre, special effects and prosthetics, working with wigs and facial hair, barbering and hair styling. It sure sounds like an intense course.

The added interest for me was the fact that the five make-up artists had all created their own style and theme for the shoots, and no two looks were alike - they ranged from soft and floaty to bold and graphic. To ensure that each artist got a unique set of images, I chose different locations for each shoot. The grounds at the venue are quite splendid, with large open fields and nice arching canopies, which meant I could dip in and out of the sunlight as required, or use it to fill in the shadows by reflecting it on to the subjects. I also made use of a studio at the location, courtesy of Image Creation Photography.

While the girls were preparing their 'models', I shot some behind-the-scenes stuff as an added bonus - this also helped them all to get used to the camera and me. Even though the people in the shots were not professional models, they acted as if they were, listening to direction and working hard for the image. The make-up artists - Ellie Nightingale, Helena Gibbs, Rosie Moss, Martine Farrant - were delightful people who obviously have glittering careers ahead of them.

These are just a handful of shots from the day. I hope you like them, I know the clients did :)